Monday, January 11, 2010

Everything Summer Holidays - Project365

4 - Nipper Disco
Big Nipper day: back beach in the morning ... tonight the Nipper disco ... attended by me and one girl.

5 - One Big Hole
Good dumping in high tide waves + belongings soaked by freak wave + my boy shivering on the beach + one big hole = beach done.

6 - Bathers on the Line
Wetsuits, beach towels, rashies, nipper caps and bathers hanging on the line ... it must be summer holidays.

7 - Ready
Training boards ready and waiting for the Nipper program to start for the day and IRB being launched to drop the bouys out.

8 - Mum's Juice
Most afternoons mum blends up some pineapple, orange, mango and banana in her super heavyduty blender. The kids love Grandma's juice.

9- Nipper Championships
If the second buoy seems a long way off in the run-swim-run you can always hitch a lift back to shore with your instructor in the IRB.

10 - Handmade by Us
Insane dodgeball game @ The Wave, boogie boarding w/ the kids on the back beach, afternoon tea w/ friends , roast dinner ... happy Sunday


katepickle said...

fabulous photos... you really capture the moments. Making me wish we lived near the beach, would love my kids to be involved in nippers!

Violet Viola Viooltje said...

Summer at the beach!!!!!
*warming myself looking at the screen now*

(freezing cold weather and snow here in Europe)

Becky K said...

I found your blog from the You've got Mail challenge page. I saw all of your beach pictures and thought you were on vacation, but it looks like you live near the beach. I LOVE the beach but live in the mountains. Fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

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renee said...

what beautiful photos!