Monday, January 25, 2010

A movie, biking, more beaching, fishing and summer food ... this week's P365

Wild, wild weather means movie day, we almost filled a whole row of seats and it was Ruby's first ever.

18 - The Movies

Barefoot bikeriding ... reminds me of riding and roaming the streets barefoot all summer when I was a kid.

19- Barefoot Bikeriding

What a feeling ... riding the wave all the way into the beach.

20 - What a Rush

Took Ruby with us to the beach today, the kids had a ball boogie boarding on some decent waves.

21- Beach Again

Summer wouldn't be complete without sitting in a sweltering fish and chips shop after beaching on a scorching hot day at least once.

22 - Fish and Chips

Kids ate icypoles while wandering round the lighthouse and pier. Girls walked home by themselves while I stayed with the boy at the park.

23 - Icypole

Fishing with mum, dad and the kids. Caught 3 puffer fish and the boy was sick but the kids are keen to go again.

24 - Fishing


sharyncarlson said...

Great pictures. Definitely makes me wish we were having warmer weather here!

melissa said...

love all the pics, especially the one with the popsicle, the colors are just amazing!