Monday, January 18, 2010

More beach days, party, cooking, mega zucchini and books ... this week's P365

A good place to be in 44 degree heat ... the only problem is the walk home.

11 - Rockpool Exploration

It's after Christmas but there was no way the kids would let me avoid helping them make these cakes they found in one of Grandma's mags.

12 - Christmas Tree Cakes

My holiday reading stack ... currently two thirds through it ... another trip to the library is probably on the cards.

13 - Holiday Reading

Spent a large part of the day driving to and from Melbourne for an appointment ... picked up the mega zucchini from our garden while home.

14 - First Zucchini

Setting up for Sunday's party ... fascinating to my boy who gave progress reports throughout the day.

15 - Set Up

A day out to Torquay to catch up with Megan and Simon for lunch, then body surfing, soccer and castle building with the Klein's.

16 - Beach Soccer

Party day to celebrate dad's 70th birthday. Food, drinks, company, all so good.

17 - 70 Today


Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

Katherine said...

That is a rather large zucchini and I am very jealous that you have such a large stack of reading. I think over winter break I read a grand total of one book.. and it wasn't even good.

I saw that you are doing a 365 blog via flickr. I am doing one too: Photo Bug