Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holidays in Full Swing

So after the business of Christmas and New Year the holidays are settling into a steady rhythm, although we still have the shoe finding frustration in the mornings and it is added to by having to find hats, goggles etc.  Unfortunately I caught a bad cold just before New Year and actually spent one full day pretty much in bed and a couple others taking it relatively easy.

Both girls are doing the Nippers program this year (junior surf lifesaving).  Big Girl has even made a friend who we met for a picnic and luckily she has a brother The Boy's age ... although he is now clamouring to play with him all the time.

The weather has been pretty good, although today was cloudy in the morning, it brightened up in the afternoon so we walked down to the beach.  It was pretty wild down at the old front beach being high tide. The waves reflect back off the beach wall and take the kids by surprise but that makes it twice the fun for them and a little less relaxing for me.  The Boy got a good dumping and I also saw Little Girl go down once as well.

At one stage The Boy broke off his wave jumping to ask we what waves do.  I answered "Go up the beach, then go back down" ... nothing like stating the obvious.  He wasn't satisfied though "I mean what are they for?" .... um ... "For fun now go and play"


Anyway if you're ever anywhere near Pt. Lonsdale front beach at high tide beware the freak wave ...


... it's really not pleasant carrying home four towels that look like this. Hopefully my library book dries with no ill effects.

A day at the beach wouldn't be complete without digging some holes and The Boy standing shivering with blue lips.


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sharyncarlson said...

Great photos! Looks like a nice day at the beach, save for the water getting all over your towels and book!