Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five #19

Boats at the Queenscliff marina before we went fishing last Sunday.



I did a heap of pages this week ... well for me anyway ... here's one about our advent calendar.  Credits HERE.



On Sunday night we went to the new restaurant, 360Q, at the Queenscliff Harbour.  It is run by the Rathbone Wine Group and the chef from Yering Station has been brought up to get it up and running.  Excellent food.  They have four sharing plates, the zucchini flowers were sold out but we tried the other three offerings and they were all good ... walnut coated labna balls with beetroot vinagarette a standout.  I had a scallop risotto for main which was yum too.  They had all the usual suspects on the kids menu.  Mine chose fish and chips as usual and I was very impressed to see a nice thick piece of panfired fish come out ... they gobbled it up quick smart.  Drinks and some of sharing plates in late afternoon on the deck overlooking the water would be lovely too.


There are heaps of pretty craft ideas around but this is one for the boys:  Custom Lego Guy Heads ... although I'm sure my girls would get into this too.  via @katepickle.


Although I do use a variety of fonts on my layouts I do have my three go to fonts that I use a lot.  If you look through my layouts prior to my switch from PC to mac you will notice that for layouts requiring a simple neat font for journaling often feature century gothic, if it's handwriting, CK Ali's hand and for typewriter I usually chose vintage typewriter.  After changing over I just had the standard fonts that came with PSE8 which is an extensive and varied list but included none of these fonts.  I have found a new favourite for my simple font, Helvetica Neue which has about 6 weightings you can choose from in a little drop down menu.  I have really missed the other two though so this week I finally downloaded CK Ali's hand and Vintage Typewriter, both free fonts.  

Go here to download ... CK Ali's Hand and Vintage Typewriter.


helena said...

funny how we get attached to fonts - I used to be blind to them but now I feel better if I take the time to find the papyrus font rather than use the default

Kristi said...

Hello there - found you through the You've Got Mail reading challenge site. Your photos are stunning!

Rose City Reader said...

You've inspired me with that beautiful page! I was half thinking of doing some scrapbooking this weekend, but now you have convinced me. And thanks for the font links! My new laptop needs fonts!

I actually stopped by to let you know that the Battle of the Prizes Challenge, American Version, is up now on Rose City Reader and starts on February 1. I expanded it to start earlier and last 12 months.

It was great that you participated last year! I hope you sign up again this year.

I am also hosting a related challenge, new this year: The Battle of the Prizes, British Version. Maybe you would prefer that one instead. Or you can sign up for both!

Happy reading!

Amandac said...

Melissa that is one gorgeous photo - so crisp!!! Love it! and your page is fabulous - just the way i like pages to be nice and clean!

sharyncarlson said...

Gorgeous photo... and I love your layout, too. Thanks for the font links. I'm addicted to the CK Ali font too, as well as CK Becky, which I downloaded from I've been looking for a good typewriter font, so I downloaded the one you've suggested. Thanks so much!