Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day

We arrived home from the beach yesterday so even though today was a public holiday I still had plenty of jobs I needed to get done ... unpacking, four weeks mail, washing and ironing etc.  The kids were happy pottering around reacquainting themselves with home.  Fortunately I had something to look forward to.  Every year mum and dad take us kids to the Australian Open on the second Tuesday night, which happened to fall on Australia Day this year.

Hubby's parents had the kids overnight so I had the whole evening to myself.  We start with dinner in the Legends room ... yes, we are legendary eaters and drinkers.


The day session finished late so we had a slow paced dinner before wandering up to Rod Laver Arena, which was still closed for cleaning when we got there.


They started off with a little Australia Day entertainment and unveiled the Woodies busts for the Hall of Fame.


Last week we were having a chat about who we might see and mum worked out that if all went according to plan we'd probably be seeing Nadal.


Her assessment "Don't tell me we're going to have to watch him picking his undies out of his bum all night?" ... he didn't disappoint.


We also got to witness in real life another compulsive behaviour with his water bottles.

Anyway, enough of Rafa's idiosynchrasies, he was playing Andy Murray.


Part way through we had a break for the Australia Day fireworks so we got up and stretched our legs  ... took the opportunity for a toilet break and checked out the fireworks from the concourse.  Meanwhile Matt Preston was holding court in the stands ... looking like he had been enjoying himself as a guest of Jacob's Creek wines.


The tennis was really good in the first two sets before Nadal pulled out in the third with an injury ... ripped off.   I'm inspired to get back on the court, there's something about seeing the tennis live that does that. You get a much better idea of just how hard they're hitting it when you're right there.

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canpeg said...

Ha ha ha Mel, had to laugh at the 2nd photo of Nadal. Well you wouldn't want to have been disappointed would you ! LOL

Great photo of all the people holding the flag. Those pink shirts certainly look good in that photo !