Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Presents for the Teachers

Sunday afternoon was present making time at our house. First up the kids made banana bread for their teachers. They pretty much did it themselves except for cracking the eggs.


While the banana breads were cooking they made some cards for their teachers. The Boy was given some Christmas stamps and a huge red inkpad for his recent birthday so we opened them up and gave them a workout.


While the ink was drying they wrote some cards for their friends. The girls got theirs finished and the mini candy canes stuck on but The Boy wrote 3 cards then said he'd had enough. Luckily he doesn't finish until Friday so he has a few days to get them all done.


By this time the banana breads were out of the oven. The recipe made three small loaves.


Next on the list was hot cocoa. We made a few deviations from the directions given at Lollychops ... I'm notoriously bad at following recipes. We only had normal size chocchips so I made the mix in a food processor which cut up the bits into tiny pieces, also I've got no idea what non-dairy creamer is so I left that out.  The hot cocoa packs over there are gorgeous and love the colour scheme but it didn't go with the ribbon and decorations I bought so I altered the colours in PSE.   I'm sure I followed the directions to make the little baggies correctly but something went wrong because there was no way the paper cover was going to fit over the plastic bag, so I cut off the front and back of the paper bags and stuck them together to make tags.

Finally I wrapped the banana bread in cellophane, and tied both packages up with a red ribbon and finished off with these lovely dove Christmas decorations I picked up at Adairs for 20% off.


I took some of the leftover cocoa mix to my sisters on Sunday night ... it was yummy.

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sharyncarlson said...

mmmm, that bread looks yummy! I can imagine how good it must have smelled. And the cocoa gift is absolutely adorable!