Monday, December 7, 2009

One Year Older

It happened last week ... my birthday that is.  The day didn't start off in the best way.  We'd had the girls carols service the night before and I'd forgotten to hang out The Boy's shorts to dry when we got home.  A major insane moment followed before reality kicked in and I realised that 10 mins was not long enough to dry the shorts and luckily it was only low 20's so I sent The Boy in trakkie daks.

Little girl needed a plate of something sweet for her class party and the lamingtons that I was sure were in the freezer were no where to be found.  I did search the house ... sometimes I get distracted when I have things in my hand and put them down in strange places ... but no go, which meant a trip to the supermarket before I dropped them off at school.  Seriously do you ever have those days where it feels like you really might be losing your mind.  Hubby tried to make it better with fresh croissants and a bag of chocolates but I'm sure he was glad to leave the house. Getting back from school dropoff I hit the chocolates but Bailey's chocolate at 9AM ... not so good.

Later in the day this appeared ...


but I had to wait for the next day to open it when my family were coming over to celebrate ... they all put in money towards it too.

Hubby also came home with Saralee cheesecake for my birthday cake,


teahouse takeaway including peking duck which we usually don't get because it's a bit pricey.


and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD, so the day finished better than it started. I wasn't that impressed with the movie though, I guess they need to leave out a large part of the book but I think the storytelling suffered as a result.

Next day was my party. Once everyone was here I opened my present but then I couldn't go and play because that would be just plain rude ... I exercised a fair bit of self-restraint especially considering I'd been coveting this for two years now and had pretty much resigned myself to not having one.

The Boy joined in the candle blowing because we didn't have a family celebration for his birthday this year.


As soon as everyone left Hubby took pity on me and did the dishes while I got stuck into the present. I suppose you're wondering what it is.


A Macbook ... I think it was love at first sight.


Shelli said...

Oooooh, a Mac... I think I'm incredibly jealous :0 My next PC will be a Mac, I've recently remembered how much I love them and am soooooo keen to get one. Do I dare sabotage the PC I have? ;)

Photographing Mom said...

Oh, wow!! Yes, it'd be love at first sight for me, too. I love my iMac, but a MacBook. Oh, yes!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

{melissa} said...

Oh enjoy your mac! I got mine in august and in L-O-V-E! Best purchase ever :-) You are in for a world of fun with your new toy!

sharyncarlson said...

A mac book?! Wow, you are one lucky girl! Happy birthday and have fun playing!