Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Top 10 Reads for 2009

A list of my favourite reads this year ... in no particular order.

1.  The Forgotten Garden by Katherine Morton

2.  March by Geraldine Brooks

3.  The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-time by Mark Haddon

4.  The Time Traveller's wife by Audrey Niffenegger

5.  Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven

6.  People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

7.  The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

8.  The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns

9.  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

10. The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene ... relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory .. but interesting.

1 comment:

{melissa} said...

I might steal a couple of these from your list :-) Curious incident is awesome, hope you enjoy it.