Monday, December 14, 2009

Come Celebrate

We were supposed to be at my nephew's birthday party last night but my sister's been sick this week so it was called off so instead we went to this ...


... Come Celebrate, the carols put on by our church in conjunction with the council and three other Blackburn Nth churches. I think they usually get about 10,000 people ... I'm not so good at estimating numbers ... there was a lot of people there last night. This is from the back of the crowd.

We had dinner and relaxed while the pre-show was on. The Boy was making sure Santa knew he had been a good boy.


The kids choir is on early in the main show ... they were great ... Little Girl is keen to be involved next year.


While the kids were up there they got a few of them to start the candle lighting. It takes a little while to make it round the crowd.


Soon darkness fell and the night was transformed.


Even Hubby enjoyed himself ... he doesn't like having to sit on the ground ... he's getting a bit old now :)


Afterwards we drove over to 10 Canterbury Rd to check out the lights.


It's completely over the top. There's more inside ... they have a tin to raise money for MS. Periodically it "snows" ... although it's a bit hard to see here.


A fun Christmas night ... Little Girl wanted to know if we are going to do more Christmas things ... I hope so.

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Rachel said...

That looks like a fab event. I love Christmas carols.