Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thing Came home Yesterday

The Boy's class has a special little friend that goes on excursions, participates in class and even gets to visit well-mannered children's houses.  The Boy got to bring Thing home yesterday.  They made lego together.



Thing checked out The Boy's tea - the birthday boy gets to choose what's for tea.


Then he helped read and get ready for bed.



Amy said...

Hi Melissa, great photos - I love it when the kids bring home a special friend from school or kinder. I'm going to be linking to you in the blog ring on Saturday .... it should be great fun to have us all together on the day!

Photographing Mom said...

How fun! Great pictures, too.

Amy said...

oops, I mean Sunday

Lizzie said...

I love Thing! My boy had a Bear in his nursery class. It lived in its own back-pack and had a diary. The Bear took a trip to each child's home in turn and they were responsible for helping him to update his diary to tell his adventures (even if only watching tv).
Looks as if Thing and The Boy had a lovely time!