Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Pray-ers ... um ... did I just say that?

Having a chat with a friend on the weekend I came out with this gem: It's so good - both times she's been for prayer she's improved... but the first time was with real pray-ers ... um you know what I mean *embarassed giggle*. My friend kindly offered to give me a certificate stating that Melissa is a real pray-er ... after she'd stopped laughing.

Although we had a few jokes about it she completely understood where I was coming from. So who are these real pray-ers? I was referring to the people involved in the prayer for healing ministry, but what about the ones down the front after the service ... or the lovely old lady who has been praying for the church leaders and anyone else who needed it for years or even the ones who pray so eloquently in public at every opportunity - they definately qualify.

And why do I think: friend with a big problem - better get the official pray-ers in? I mean I know they pray to the same God and that there isn't a special procedure you can learn and follow to get a yes answer. God answers according to his will and not the form of the prayer or experience of the pray-er, if there's one thing God has demonstrated over and over to me it's that.

In future I think I'll still call on the prayer team but I won't let that stop me from dragging my friend over into a corner and calling out to God myself on her behalf ... oh and if there's any real pray-ers out there maybe you can pray for less of me and my insecurities and more of God :)


Fiona said...

Your prayers are definately just as 'good' as those of any 'official' pray-ers, I pray that you always remember that.

Lizzie said...

You just did that for yourself, but I'll join in...