Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Boy is 6

My baby boy is now 6.  Birthdays are usually an all day affair at our house starting in the morning.  The menagerie was in attendance.  Pyjamas and bad hair are compulsory, a good reason why there is no photos of me, the public are not quite ready for my morning hair and qantas pyjamas.


Normally Hubby and I buy the present from the whole family but this year Big Girl used some of her pocket money to buy The Boy some pokemon cards which he wanted. She did a beautiful job of wrapping the present too.


She also made a card which Little Girl helped The Boy to read.


Now it's OK to give him a present but standing next to him ... no thanks.


This is the present from us. It was Hubby's idea in the hope that he won't come into our room before 7AM in the morning which is the rule but previously he had no clock. I'm waiting to see how long it is until Hubby's iPhone disappears and turns up plugged in to it. The Boy was already talking this morning that he can just take off the cover daddy's phone then it will plug in.


After presents I had to get busy in the kitchen making our traditional pancake cake. All was going well until the candle lighting. We had a rather pitiful supply of candles (note to self: buy some candles!!) and so they were stuck fairly precariously into the top pancake plus we had no matches. I lit one of the candles and used that to light the rest but then I had to poke that one into the pancake without getting hot wax dripped on my fingers. I thought I had it but when I let go it fell over and rolled off - onto the paper towel which caught alight.

Anyway Hubby's is banging with my oven mitt and getting rather excited so I had to remove it from him so he didn't burn a hole in it and I blew out the tiny fire. In the process I blew out the candles on top of the cake. For take two I used an extra candle. Hubby was querying whether he should have used the fire blanket but I pointed out that we should just keep that for a real fire. Hubby will not be filling the emergency warden position in our house, it's not his fault, he just hasn't had enough experience in putting out fires ... not enough hours spent in chemistry labs.

Oh, and I almost forgot - the pancake cake.



Photographing Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!

{melissa} said...

Happy Birthday - he;s still your baby ;-)

I love your pancake cake idea!

Kathy M said...

Love the pancake picture. Great journaling.

Meghann said...

This post was so cute. Love the messy hair shots of kids, and am so jealous about the pancake cake! I could go for one of those right now! Thanks for the recommendation about the Photoshop actions!

Kel said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your traditions. What lucky children.

Lizzie said...

Ha haa! Tales of Family Life! The Pancake Cake looked great and what's a bit of wax between friends? Hope your boy enjoyed his birthday. Lovely story!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday! Love that 'bed head' look - super cute!