Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five #9

It's that time of the week again, I missed last week due to some complete craziness round here that will not be discussed.

First up a photo of My Little girl at the girl's school house athletics carnival - I just love the determination on her face.


I haven't done any layouts this week but I would like to share my first layout for the book of our trip. It was supposed to be just a single page but I lifted the journaling from my blog entry added a few extra details and it was too long to fit on a single page.

Credits HERE.

Hubby is attempting to grow a porno Mo as part of Movember which is why I found myself giving a definition of porno at the dinner table on Wednesday. This is one day in ...

he has one month to complete the project. You can check out his page here - although I noticed this morning there's not much activity yet.


Totally amazing street painting animation. You must check it out:


How cute is this Christmas Stocking. For those of you who are crafty you may wish to keep an eye out for the promised instructions.

*Edited to add: The How-to is now up.

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