Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Five #12

This week's photo is of a piece of artwork Little Girl brought home from school this week ... not sure where she gets her ability from.



This week's layout ... sadly my weekly layout pick is also turning into my only layout for the week ... scrapping time is few and far between at the moment.  I did this for the photography challenge at and uses Donna Duncombe's new cardstock Winter Blues.  Full credits HERE.



I've been thinking a little about what things we'll do as a family for Christmas this year.  I was hoping to get to Come Celebrate this year which is a carols by candlelight that my church is involved in but we have my nephew's birthday party on the same night.  I think this year we will go to Road to Bethlehem.  We've never been but know plenty of people who rave about it.

If you are into crafting then you should check out Meet Me at Mikes 287 Links to Really Ace Craft Projects.  Yes you did read that correctly, 287 links.


and lastly an Advent Calendar Project ... great idea.  I'm going with a different format but I hadn't decided what bible readings to use so this will be a handy reference.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Last of the Broad Beans

It rained on the weekend.  Actually that's an understatement - what do you call it when you get 1 months rainfall in 1 day?  After the wind and rain the broad beans were lying down so yesterday I went out and quickly picked the beans that were still hanging around.  I'll miss the kids wandering out to pick them and eat them fresh out of the pod after school.


I never realised broad beans pods were so soft and fluffy on the inside.


Here they are all podded and steaming away.


My favourite way to eat these ... lemon and fetta salad ... yum,yum.  I'm not much for using a recipe, basically I just take the broad beans, add some fresh mint, lemon zest, juice of a lemon, marinated fetta plus a little bit of the marinating oil and some pepper and salt to taste.


If you like to follow a recipe you could try this one.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Boy's Party

We had The Boy's party on Saturday.  We decided to go with an indoor sports party which was a good move ... boys do really have a lot of energy. The Boy picked dodge ball and party games for his two sports sessions. I can't recommend these parties highly enough, they provide all the food, party bags and the young guy who organised the games was great with the kids. I just had to bring the cake.


The Boy had a fantastic time.


Little Girl won poison ball.


At the end of the games there were hot, red-faced, sweaty kids all round.



Back at home The Boy got into the presents ...


and an hour later the boxes were all open and there was multiple building projects happening all over the lounge room floor.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog Around the World

Edited:  aplpologies to everyone, I scheduled this post and for some reason it didn't happen ... grrr.

Welcome to my leg of the blog around the world.  Here's a photo of our backyard taken on Friday when it was still stinking hot and I was hanging out for the predicted cool change ... I am happy to report that it did come through and we even got some rain.  If you look closely you can see the hose running from our laundry out to the fruit trees ... absolutely essential since we are on water restrictions in Melbourne at the moment.


The next stop on this blog hop is Sheree at Just the 2 of Us in Sydney, Australia ... enjoy your travels.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Five #11

We have an orange tree in our backyard and have not yet managed to get any ripe fruit.  A constant water supply has been a bit of a problem ... I'm hoping this one may be our first.



Each year I try to do a layout to display over the Christmas period. I did this year's today.


I used Donna Duncombe's Free Spirit Bundle and a free template from BZB Designs. The funny thing is I still have last years layout up.


Movember is well and truly happening around here and yes, Hubby can grow a Mo.


Don't forget the Mo grow is not just for our own entertainment. Movember is run to raise funds for men's health issues including depression and prostrate cancer. If you would like to support the cause you can donate HERE.


This weekend I am taking part in a Blog Around the World starting at Helen's Creative Maven. My post will be going up at 8AM on Sunday morning ... I'll definately be scheduling it to automatic post.


and finally for your viewing pleasure Beauty in Everything ... inspiration overload.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This time last year ...

The Boy was sporting stitches in his chin and being only 2 months since his run-in with a wall requiring another repair job on his head I was wondering whether these trips to the doctor's were going to be a regular occurence. I am happy to report one year on that the only mishap this year has been a staph infection in his finger. Here's hoping the good run continues.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thing Came home Yesterday

The Boy's class has a special little friend that goes on excursions, participates in class and even gets to visit well-mannered children's houses.  The Boy got to bring Thing home yesterday.  They made lego together.



Thing checked out The Boy's tea - the birthday boy gets to choose what's for tea.


Then he helped read and get ready for bed.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Boy is 6

My baby boy is now 6.  Birthdays are usually an all day affair at our house starting in the morning.  The menagerie was in attendance.  Pyjamas and bad hair are compulsory, a good reason why there is no photos of me, the public are not quite ready for my morning hair and qantas pyjamas.


Normally Hubby and I buy the present from the whole family but this year Big Girl used some of her pocket money to buy The Boy some pokemon cards which he wanted. She did a beautiful job of wrapping the present too.


She also made a card which Little Girl helped The Boy to read.


Now it's OK to give him a present but standing next to him ... no thanks.


This is the present from us. It was Hubby's idea in the hope that he won't come into our room before 7AM in the morning which is the rule but previously he had no clock. I'm waiting to see how long it is until Hubby's iPhone disappears and turns up plugged in to it. The Boy was already talking this morning that he can just take off the cover daddy's phone then it will plug in.


After presents I had to get busy in the kitchen making our traditional pancake cake. All was going well until the candle lighting. We had a rather pitiful supply of candles (note to self: buy some candles!!) and so they were stuck fairly precariously into the top pancake plus we had no matches. I lit one of the candles and used that to light the rest but then I had to poke that one into the pancake without getting hot wax dripped on my fingers. I thought I had it but when I let go it fell over and rolled off - onto the paper towel which caught alight.

Anyway Hubby's is banging with my oven mitt and getting rather excited so I had to remove it from him so he didn't burn a hole in it and I blew out the tiny fire. In the process I blew out the candles on top of the cake. For take two I used an extra candle. Hubby was querying whether he should have used the fire blanket but I pointed out that we should just keep that for a real fire. Hubby will not be filling the emergency warden position in our house, it's not his fault, he just hasn't had enough experience in putting out fires ... not enough hours spent in chemistry labs.

Oh, and I almost forgot - the pancake cake.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Five #10

My favourite photo for the week is this one taken today at the athletics carnival. It was hot so the teachers provided big buckets of water for the kids to wet their hats.



I did a couple of CT layouts this week using Di@Legacy4Life's Oh Brother. That photo was from quite a while ago.



I volunteered to help with Dinner Tonite at church. A new initiative to provide meals to people from the community. We had an information session last Sunday and first dinner is December 5th - very exciting.


Rita offers up a fantastic collection of PS and PSE actions on her blog CoffeeShop. She's always adding more to the collection so it's worth subscribing. She also has the occasional posts on customising blogger templates - always useful. This week she linked to a fantastic free set of textures on Shadowhouse Creations blog. If you like to experiment with textures why don't you pop over and pick up the Roughed Up Texture Pack.


Funny video how-to stalk your kids using twitter and facebook ... been taking notes for later.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just for Fun

Very creative video ... rubix cube garlic, post-it notes butter and pick-up-sticks spaghetti ... love it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Pray-ers ... um ... did I just say that?

Having a chat with a friend on the weekend I came out with this gem: It's so good - both times she's been for prayer she's improved... but the first time was with real pray-ers ... um you know what I mean *embarassed giggle*. My friend kindly offered to give me a certificate stating that Melissa is a real pray-er ... after she'd stopped laughing.

Although we had a few jokes about it she completely understood where I was coming from. So who are these real pray-ers? I was referring to the people involved in the prayer for healing ministry, but what about the ones down the front after the service ... or the lovely old lady who has been praying for the church leaders and anyone else who needed it for years or even the ones who pray so eloquently in public at every opportunity - they definately qualify.

And why do I think: friend with a big problem - better get the official pray-ers in? I mean I know they pray to the same God and that there isn't a special procedure you can learn and follow to get a yes answer. God answers according to his will and not the form of the prayer or experience of the pray-er, if there's one thing God has demonstrated over and over to me it's that.

In future I think I'll still call on the prayer team but I won't let that stop me from dragging my friend over into a corner and calling out to God myself on her behalf ... oh and if there's any real pray-ers out there maybe you can pray for less of me and my insecurities and more of God :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rip View Swim Classic

In August 2007 I blogged that I wanted to do the Rip View Classic Swim and I've finally decided that with The Boy now at school this year will be the year. I've started training although I missed last week because I wasn't feeling well. Currently I'm taking 30mins to do 1.4km in the pool, I hope to get a bit faster before the swim at the end of December although I noticed that the slowest time in my category is over 1hr so I should be able to beat that at least. Now I just have to keep fingers crossed that I stay healthy and the kids stay healthy so I can keep training.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Five #9

It's that time of the week again, I missed last week due to some complete craziness round here that will not be discussed.

First up a photo of My Little girl at the girl's school house athletics carnival - I just love the determination on her face.


I haven't done any layouts this week but I would like to share my first layout for the book of our trip. It was supposed to be just a single page but I lifted the journaling from my blog entry added a few extra details and it was too long to fit on a single page.

Credits HERE.

Hubby is attempting to grow a porno Mo as part of Movember which is why I found myself giving a definition of porno at the dinner table on Wednesday. This is one day in ...

he has one month to complete the project. You can check out his page here - although I noticed this morning there's not much activity yet.


Totally amazing street painting animation. You must check it out:


How cute is this Christmas Stocking. For those of you who are crafty you may wish to keep an eye out for the promised instructions.

*Edited to add: The How-to is now up.

These are the buckets


that collect the water in our shower while it's heating up. With water restrictions meaning I can only use mains water on the vege garden twice a week, these buckets give them a welcome top up. We also divert the grey water from the shower and laundry out to the lawn and fruit trees.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some things that made me smile yesterday

Big Girls surprise at having piano lessons at school yesterday ... you would think the fact that I asked her to put her books in her bag the night before would have been a giveaway even if she didn't hear me say her piano teacher just called ... but no ... she thought I wanted her to prepared, just in case. I think she lives in her own world populated by pokemon and dragons but I can't help but smile.

Big Girls swimming teacher calling me over to say how well she is doing and that she will be ready to move up a level in a couple of weeks ... maybe there's some dolphins living in her alternate universe too. Seriously she has been working hard on her swimming this term so it's great to see her effort getting results.

When we got home from swimming we all pottered around doing our own thing. The Boy getting into reading definately made me smile.


then he waited at the window for daddy.


Meanwhile Big Girl was doing some homework and she was rockin' those exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At dinner I found myself explaining to Big Girl what porno was ... her reaction "Eewww, YUCK!!"

Then Hubby asked me if I was going to be flashing tonight - I think I'll give it a miss thanks ... and The Boy ran through the kitchen and shot me with his storm trooper gun while I was making bread.

Just a few of the good things that help me laugh off the numerous stuff-ups and irritations that are part of being a family.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harry and Us

A couple of months back Hubby and I watched the movie Marley and Me. I laughed and laughed at the start then bawled my eyes out at the end. Why? Probably because of this:


Harry joined our family 11.5 years ago and we used to joke he was our trial baby. Harry ripped the paint off the wall in the laundry where he had to sleep at night as a puppy and when he graduated to outside we would hear him gnawing on the house outside. We've since moved and left the behind all the bitten corners.

He chewed some of the camelias and roses down to nothing, dug holes in the lawn, ripped up brand new plants, got into the playroom and ate every single lego tyre, needed major abdominal surgery to remove a skipping rope from his bowel and in spite of having the snip continued to hump people's legs when they came round to visit.

He went to obedience training and at the final show day by the time it was his turn around the ground he was so excited I just managed to drag him around the square until the final section where he jumped up and humped my leg ... we didn't hang around for a chat afterwards but slunk out in disgrace never to return.

But he has also been ridden on, endured little fingers up the nose and in the mouth with gentleness, raced like a mad thing round and round the garden with the kids, had cuddles, been painted and is just there with his big grinning, slobbering mouth in the morning and a wag of his tail ... in short you couldn't get a better dog for three kids to grow up with.



So why did I think of this today? ... because Harry is getting old and today I had to take him to the vet to discuss what our options are to deal with his nerve damage. It was only a couple of months ago that I took this photo ...


We have some time ... he still managed on the weekend to jump up on my sister and hump her leg ... *giggle*.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Posting about blogging

After I completed my big block of holiday blogging posting around here has been a bit lackadaisical ... like much of my life ... getting back into the routine has been harder then I anticipated. Although I've had plenty of intention it hasn't migrated out onto the blog. This month I'm joining on online class: Blogging for Scrapbookers. I'm hoping it will be the impetus I need to get back into recording some of the stories I know I'll forget.