Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Five #8

Last Saturday before I got up I heard the click, click of lego pieces ... when I finally dragged myself up out of bed I saw The Boy making lego creations in the entry with the sun streaming in behind him and decided I must catch this. Unfortunately I'm not a morning person and after groggily grabbing my camera I failed to realise that it was still on full auto from the night before ... holding the camera still proved a bit of a problem too. So not the best photo but you get the idea.

backyard 030edit


Donna Duncombe released a new kit this week called Beautiful Day. I finished the bulk of the layout quickly but then needed to wait to speak to the kids to get the words for the game they were playing. Then of course it took me a while to work out where I was going to put them ... I must think about that before I start.


I tried a couple of new recipes this week both from SmittenKitchen which has provided some of my most memorable home cooked culinary moments this year. First up was Snickerdoodles ... cakey cinnamon covered bit size delights. The Boy and Little Girl made the mixture then I did the rolling. My little sis came over for tea on Sunday night and I cooked Roasted Chicken and Bread Salad. I pretty much followed the recipe except I cooked the chickens in the weber. It was so good, thumbs up from everyone.


Hubby got my a trolley with double baskets this week which will come in handy on Saturdays when my sis and I go fruit and veg shopping at the Gleadell St market but I also used it to do my grocery shoping this week. It's good to be able to leave the car at home but previously my walking trips to the supermarket was limited by how much I could lug back home up the hill.


Finally the Grocery Store musical on Youtube. Fun but kind of kinky weird singing about fruit like that.

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