Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Five #7

I finally posted all my holiday blog entries so that means back to normal programming around here ... which reminds me, I need to change my header ... later maybe ... right now it's time for Friday Five. I was checking what number I was up to and realised I missed #4 so I then have a dilema, whether to fix it up or just keep going. I've decided to keep going so without further blather I start Friday Five #7 ... which is actually #6 ... with a photo.


The Boy has a selection of lego creations on a trolley in his room and inspired by Julie DeGuia's layout Lego Creations I decided to take some photos. For more lego fun on flickr by Lego by smokebelch, Lego Cars by Lino M. and the group Adventures of Lego Men is lots of fun.


I did a couple of layouts this week, literally a couple, and here's my favourite. I used Carolyn B.'s Viva Carnaval kit which was my CT pick from nuts4digi this month. I thought the bright colours and Carolyn's signature bold patterned papers were a good match for the dramatic photo. The layout is also doing double duty for Tam's font challenge too.


This isn't something I planned on putting in here but since before I went away my blogger dashboard and editing pages had been small ... teeny text, not taking up whole screen. It happened suddenly one day while I was writing a post and couldn't work out what had happened. While I was putting in the section break above it happened again ... this time though it was getting dire ... I mean my eyesight isn't getting any better these days ... if you can imagine me needing to type with my nose against the screen you'll get the idea. I realised I'd accidently hit CTRL- ... two CTRL+ later and it's all fixed ... very happy. Sorry to those who are thinking "what an idiot" to the others you can thank me if ever you need CTRL+.


Those of you who know me well would know I often get insomnia so this made me LOL this morning ... although it might not have been quite so funny the other night at 2AM. (via Jessica Sprague)


Got a good reminder from Jen who just spent a week without internet. After our fast from technology in August Hubby and I decided we'd like to do a similar thing more regularly but I had completely forgot (or deliberately blocked it from memory) so this weekend will be computer/internet free for me. I'm not quite at the point of OSD and I'd like to keep it that way.

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