Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 28 - LA ... Universal Studios and the Dodgers

Today was our day at Universal Studios. We did most of the rides and shows. The studio tour is the main attraction.






They were actually filming outside when we were there:


The kids had close encounters with various characters. Marg seems to have a thing for arranging kids hats.



We saw the Waterworld Show.



Hubby and the girls are my tryouts on the rides ... they let me know if they think I'll like it. They gave the Mummy the thumbs up so I went on. Starts out slowly then you are shot off at high speed through dips and turns until a sudden stop then you start to go backwards. At first when it started to reverse I was freaking out but after the first dip ... I realised it wasn't too bad ... in fact it was kind of fun.

The girls and Hubby did the Jurassic Park ride ... I don't do big drops and this had an 82ft drop down a waterfall ... not my thing at all. While they were riding I took The Boy back up to the Curious George play area ... he had been begging to go there all day ... he made the most of it.


Tonight we went to the Dodgers game. It was lots of fun.


Got into the swing of things with some Dodger Dogs.


Peanuts and beer ... the combination of salty fast food and sport left me with a craving for beer ... apparently this is the only size they had.


We did some clapping ...and the kids ate softserve icecreams in little helmets ...


Not far from us was a frenetic dancing man with Mickey Mouse hands. Very entertaining although most likely high ... he donned a cape and wizards hat a bit later in the night.

Hubby and I would have liked to stay until the end but the kids were tired and we didn't fancy dragging them through the crowd at the end and waiting for a taxi.


Day 28 photos HERE.

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