Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 26 - Last Day at Disneyland

Today was a day to finish the last few things we hadn't looked at yet and also give everyone a favourite pick. Starting at DCA we were at the rope drop outside DCA Hotel and made good time to Toy Story Midway without running, pushing or shoving. We really enjoyed that and The Boy and I had a second go (his choice) while the others went on California Screamin' (Big Girl's pick). Next up we went to Grizzly River Run (my pick). We got pretty wet the first time around then the kids begged for another go. That time we got hit by the geyser which finished us all off ... it took me until 4pm to dry off ... my shoes are still a bit squelchy.


We split up after that, I went with The Boy while Hubby took the girls.


He was a bit nervous on the netting.


He must have inherited my fear of heights. He eventually let go of the side.


Hubby went off to Disneyland to get some fastpasses while we had some lunch and waited for the HSM3 show. Big Girl and Hubby weren't that keen for the show so they went and did a drop ride that Little Girl was too short for ... that was about the only ride she missed.


We also checked out the disney animation exhibit and It's A Bug Life ... I think we all jumped a few times in that and there were heaps of crying toddlers.


After a bit of shopping we headed back to Disneyland. Little Girl's pick was Space Mountain and we decided I would do that with her. She wanted to ride in the first row and got her wish. It was much more scary because with the later rows you have a bit of warning with what's coming but at the front you're just roaring through the dark ... it was fantastic ... except for the three screaming girls behind us ... they started as soon as we left the loading area.

Hubby then took the girls on Splash Mountain (his pick) and got wet again while I took The Boy on the Mark Twain.


Finally it was time for tea at the ranch. My Little girl and The Boy got up on stage with the entertainers and had some fun singing and dancing.


We finished tea about 7:15 and figured we may as well see if we could find a decent spot to see the fireworks. We happened to be heading across just before they put the ropes across the road. Some people were already taking up positions behind where the rope would go so we joined them. Fantastic position and the kids could see because they didn't have any people for a couple metres in front of them.


Everyone's really tired now and the kids fell asleep almost immediately.

See Day 26 photos HERE.

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