Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 25 - Hanging on for another day at Disneyland

We decided to take advantage of the magic morning that came with our disney tickets this morning so we had an early morning. I was low functioning even by the time I got to the shuttle ... I'm not a morning person.

We started with the Peter Pan ride which I'm glad we finally got to. It's another dark ride but beautiful, sailing through a starry sky over London ... one of the better ones. Then I rode The Matterhorn with the girls. It was OK, but very jerky. Hubby said he heard somene say the track they were using today is jerkier.

Next we did a switch-off on Big Thunder, The Boy wasn't too keen to ride again and while the others had their turn I was supoosed to get the FASTPASSES for Space Mountain but once again it was shut down so I went with The Boy to one of his favourite rides - It's a Small World.

By then Toontown was open so we had our first look round there and the kids met a few characters.




The girls were both very keen to do the Jedi training. Hubby noticed that kids with signs seemed to get picked so he made both the girls a sign to hold up. The first show it worked ... Big Girl got picked and had a ball. The Boy was a little upset not to be up there but I explained that it's important to let other kids who haven't had a go get picked and he soon settled down and enjoyed the show.


Little Girl had a meltdown at the first show and refused to put herself forward. She complained she was hungry so we fed her and what a difference. The next show she held up her sign and got picked too. She had to fight Darth Maul.


Space Mountain was now back up and running so we picked up our FASTPASSES and then headed off to DCA. It was empty ... most the rides had very short queues so we changed our plans and did some of the oides that we had in our schedule for the next day. Hubby and the girls went on the Tower of Terror ... lift dropping inside building ... not my idea of fun.


Meanwhile The Boy met Sully.


We also went on the Grizzly River Run. The Boy was all eager to go but once he got strapped in he changed his mind and started to cry. We said it was too late to get off and he'd just have to go through with it ... not sure what the other people sharing our raft were thinking ... soon he was enjoying himself though and we got nice and wet.

We stayed and watched the Pixar parade at DCA. We all enjoyed it much more than the other parade but the camera battery ran out halfway through and before some of the characters came over to say hi to the kids ... you'll just have to take my word on that one.




Day 25 photos HERE.

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