Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 24 - Disneyland Again

Started off today by missing out on a seat in the 9 AM shuttle, luckily they brought another bus around and we were off by 9:10am. We headed straight to Tomorrow land. Space mountain kept breaking down but we made it in the line and did a switch-off with The Boy so Big Girl got to ride twice, once with Hubby and Little girl and once with me. Loved it, probably one of my favourite rides so far, I hate big dips but love curves and space mountain has plenty of curves and is very smooth. In the afternoon we did another switch-off on splash mountain. I'm glad I rode it but I won't be doing it again, I'm not a fan of big drops and this dropped 52ft.

At The Jedi training The Boy was one of the kids picked to go up and participate ... a huge highlight. At the end when they faced the crowd he was so proud and stood with a puffed up chest. The kids all then went to the shop and built there own double light sabres ... currently disassembled to single light sabres with their ends taped ... there's not really room in the hotel room for demonstrating their newly learnt moves.



After that Hubby and the Girls used their fastpasses for Indiana Jones while I took The Boy on his second go of the Buzz Lightyear ride. He enjoyed that. Next we used our fastpasses for Autopia, we still had a bit of a wait though. The girls went together and I went with The Boy. He couldn't reach the pedal so I did that while he steered. The accelerator required a decent amount of pressure. Big Girl struggled and after a little while a cast memeber came out and got in with the girls to operate the pedal ... I think they were getting a backlog of cars behind her.

We found a reasonable spot for the parade ... The Boy bopped as much as he could standing on top of a fence. Disney does great shows for the kids.


We got a different view of the fireworks tonight from the pool at our hotel.

Day 24 photos HERE.

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