Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back Home

So we got home yesterday morning about 9:30AM. The trip was fantastic, we did heaps of fun things and the kids had a ball ... Hubby said it was definately in his top holidays.

While I was away I wrote what we did each day for my blog posts but it takes a bit longer to go through the photos and upload them so I'll be adding the photos for the final few days of our trip and posting them over the next week.

In the meantime a few random thoughts.

I think it's probably easier to cope with the time difference coming home than going over. For the first week in the US I wasn't falling asleep until after midnight but we still needed to get up early to do our sightseeing. Coming home we just wake up early, although I am tired in the afternoon.

Working out all the different combinations of automatic, push and pull toilet flushes, taps, soap dispensers and hand towels was always an adventure. The toilets are all very loud too and flush fast while the baths drain very slowly ... don't know what's up with that.

We managed to get through the holiday without driving on the wrong side of the road. Although we did go to hop in the wrong side of the car. After a couple days of driving The Boy proudly announced that dady had only hopped in the wrong side of the car once. Today though I backed out of my carpark and then was trying to work out which side I was supposed to be on ... meanwhile I'm on the wrong side of the road ... no cars coming though.

Lots of places have bottomless softdrinks, I'd much prefer one drink and charge me less thank you very much.

The service in restaurants is great, they're always checking how you are going ... we never had to do the frantic wave to the waiters walking past studiously avoiding looking at you like we have had on occasion here.

I think The Boy's nerves are shot after a few of the scary things at the theme parks. We were walking towards the gate at Universal Studios and someone sneezed and he jumped and grabbed my hand.

We are settling back OK. The kids all went to school today and coped fine. Big Girl competed at the district athletics in the long jump.

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