Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My seeds are sprouting ...

I now have pumpkin, beetroot, cucumber, snowpeas, carrots and corn sprouting outside. I'm just waiting on the zucchini, beans and rocket.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Five #8

Last Saturday before I got up I heard the click, click of lego pieces ... when I finally dragged myself up out of bed I saw The Boy making lego creations in the entry with the sun streaming in behind him and decided I must catch this. Unfortunately I'm not a morning person and after groggily grabbing my camera I failed to realise that it was still on full auto from the night before ... holding the camera still proved a bit of a problem too. So not the best photo but you get the idea.

backyard 030edit


Donna Duncombe released a new kit this week called Beautiful Day. I finished the bulk of the layout quickly but then needed to wait to speak to the kids to get the words for the game they were playing. Then of course it took me a while to work out where I was going to put them ... I must think about that before I start.


I tried a couple of new recipes this week both from SmittenKitchen which has provided some of my most memorable home cooked culinary moments this year. First up was Snickerdoodles ... cakey cinnamon covered bit size delights. The Boy and Little Girl made the mixture then I did the rolling. My little sis came over for tea on Sunday night and I cooked Roasted Chicken and Bread Salad. I pretty much followed the recipe except I cooked the chickens in the weber. It was so good, thumbs up from everyone.


Hubby got my a trolley with double baskets this week which will come in handy on Saturdays when my sis and I go fruit and veg shopping at the Gleadell St market but I also used it to do my grocery shoping this week. It's good to be able to leave the car at home but previously my walking trips to the supermarket was limited by how much I could lug back home up the hill.


Finally the Grocery Store musical on Youtube. Fun but kind of kinky weird singing about fruit like that.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last Weekend in the Garden

After being away for four weeks with lots of rain and the start of spring the garden is in need of some attention. I think the weeds have been growing overtime but it's so good to see lots of green and also the first bunch of blooms on the roses.

backyard 050edit

I gave the vege garden a good tidy before I left but it now looks like this ...

backyard 047edit

the snow peas and broad beans are out of control. Even though it takes a bit of work it is so good to be able to go out into the garden to pick a bowl like this for a salad.

backyard 041edit

My cos lettuce has had a good workout, I've been picking leaves since August. I wonder how long it will go on for?

backyard 048edit

Hubby and I decided to build some more raised beds for the veges. The kids helped? him on the weekend.

backyard 037edit

We're sticklers for OHS around here ... check out the completely inappropriate footwear.

backyard 039edit

Little Girl considerately took off her dirty thongs before coming inside ... too bad about her black feet ... I now have dirty footprints all over the bathroom floor.

The finished product:


The first bed is my salad bed with snowpeas, cucumber, baby carrots and beetroots, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and some herbs. The second bed has beans,corn, pumpkin and zucchini. We have enough wood to build another two beds which we'll do in the next couple of weeks.

I also started some seeds inside this week. Yes they are in toilet rolls ... apparently you can plant the whole thing ... hopefully that's right.

backyard 045edit

Do you garden? Check out Kate's blog this week for her garden week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Donna Duncombe's Peaceful Season

Before I left for the US Donna Duncombe brought out a new kit, Peaceful Season, and I've been itching to do some scrapping with it ... gorgeous colours just perfect for scrapping some outdoor photos which I now have an abundance of.

I had these fun photos and the story all ready to go from Death Valley.

Journaling: There’s really only one thing to do when faced with an expanse of pristine sand dunes stretching off into the distance - run, jump and whoop your way all over them making sure you leave plenty of tracks behind. There’s just one problem Death Valley in the afternoon is HOT and running around in 45 degree heat is bound to leave you a little red faced ... even a 30 min drive in our airconditioned car did not relieve the situation as noted by the hotel manager who was concerned the kids were sunburnt!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Five #7

I finally posted all my holiday blog entries so that means back to normal programming around here ... which reminds me, I need to change my header ... later maybe ... right now it's time for Friday Five. I was checking what number I was up to and realised I missed #4 so I then have a dilema, whether to fix it up or just keep going. I've decided to keep going so without further blather I start Friday Five #7 ... which is actually #6 ... with a photo.


The Boy has a selection of lego creations on a trolley in his room and inspired by Julie DeGuia's layout Lego Creations I decided to take some photos. For more lego fun on flickr by Lego by smokebelch, Lego Cars by Lino M. and the group Adventures of Lego Men is lots of fun.


I did a couple of layouts this week, literally a couple, and here's my favourite. I used Carolyn B.'s Viva Carnaval kit which was my CT pick from nuts4digi this month. I thought the bright colours and Carolyn's signature bold patterned papers were a good match for the dramatic photo. The layout is also doing double duty for Tam's font challenge too.


This isn't something I planned on putting in here but since before I went away my blogger dashboard and editing pages had been small ... teeny text, not taking up whole screen. It happened suddenly one day while I was writing a post and couldn't work out what had happened. While I was putting in the section break above it happened again ... this time though it was getting dire ... I mean my eyesight isn't getting any better these days ... if you can imagine me needing to type with my nose against the screen you'll get the idea. I realised I'd accidently hit CTRL- ... two CTRL+ later and it's all fixed ... very happy. Sorry to those who are thinking "what an idiot" to the others you can thank me if ever you need CTRL+.


Those of you who know me well would know I often get insomnia so this made me LOL this morning ... although it might not have been quite so funny the other night at 2AM. (via Jessica Sprague)


Got a good reminder from Jen who just spent a week without internet. After our fast from technology in August Hubby and I decided we'd like to do a similar thing more regularly but I had completely forgot (or deliberately blocked it from memory) so this weekend will be computer/internet free for me. I'm not quite at the point of OSD and I'd like to keep it that way.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 29 - Last Day ... Getty Centre and Santa Monica Beach

After packing we left our luggage at the hotel and headed for the Getty Centre. Stunning setting and wonderful collection.




They have a family room where the kids could do some hands on things which they enjoyed.



I especially enjoyed the impressionists and the Irving Penn Small Trades exhibition. After a few rooms of photographs Hubby made a comment that there were a lot of similar photos of people ... he'd neglected to read the information on the exhibition.

We had to wait a while for a taxi but when it came it was the same driver that took us home after the Dodger's game. We went down to the beach at Santa Monica. The kids built some sand castles and played on the playground.




We had tea overlooking the beach ... and it was good.

Day 29 photos HERE.

Day 28 - LA ... Universal Studios and the Dodgers

Today was our day at Universal Studios. We did most of the rides and shows. The studio tour is the main attraction.






They were actually filming outside when we were there:


The kids had close encounters with various characters. Marg seems to have a thing for arranging kids hats.



We saw the Waterworld Show.



Hubby and the girls are my tryouts on the rides ... they let me know if they think I'll like it. They gave the Mummy the thumbs up so I went on. Starts out slowly then you are shot off at high speed through dips and turns until a sudden stop then you start to go backwards. At first when it started to reverse I was freaking out but after the first dip ... I realised it wasn't too bad ... in fact it was kind of fun.

The girls and Hubby did the Jurassic Park ride ... I don't do big drops and this had an 82ft drop down a waterfall ... not my thing at all. While they were riding I took The Boy back up to the Curious George play area ... he had been begging to go there all day ... he made the most of it.


Tonight we went to the Dodgers game. It was lots of fun.


Got into the swing of things with some Dodger Dogs.


Peanuts and beer ... the combination of salty fast food and sport left me with a craving for beer ... apparently this is the only size they had.


We did some clapping ...and the kids ate softserve icecreams in little helmets ...


Not far from us was a frenetic dancing man with Mickey Mouse hands. Very entertaining although most likely high ... he donned a cape and wizards hat a bit later in the night.

Hubby and I would have liked to stay until the end but the kids were tired and we didn't fancy dragging them through the crowd at the end and waiting for a taxi.


Day 28 photos HERE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 27 - LA

After arriving in LA we hopped on the hop-on-hop-off bus which stops opposite our hotel. First stop La Brea tarpits where thousands of fossils have been found of extinct species. The Page museum show cases the finds and gives plenty of information ... The Boy was fascinated by how all those animals got in the tar.



Back on the bus we stopped at Garden Grove for some lunch at Farm which is just behind the kids ...


and no shopping. Isn't this cute though?


Next stop Chinese Theatre. It was OK, but lots of people hasseling to do tours, buy balloon animals, etc. ... the kids were mainly interested in all the people dressed up but there was a spark of interest when we pointed out the Star Wars footprints.


We waited for a while in the upper deck for the bus to go. We could look without being involved in the crazy ... both Jesus and Michael Jackson made an apperance.



Jesus wandered off in his red sunglasses and into a local Mexican for a bite to eat.

The bus does a loop past many well known places in LA.



Day 27 photos HERE.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 25 - Hanging on for another day at Disneyland

We decided to take advantage of the magic morning that came with our disney tickets this morning so we had an early morning. I was low functioning even by the time I got to the shuttle ... I'm not a morning person.

We started with the Peter Pan ride which I'm glad we finally got to. It's another dark ride but beautiful, sailing through a starry sky over London ... one of the better ones. Then I rode The Matterhorn with the girls. It was OK, but very jerky. Hubby said he heard somene say the track they were using today is jerkier.

Next we did a switch-off on Big Thunder, The Boy wasn't too keen to ride again and while the others had their turn I was supoosed to get the FASTPASSES for Space Mountain but once again it was shut down so I went with The Boy to one of his favourite rides - It's a Small World.

By then Toontown was open so we had our first look round there and the kids met a few characters.




The girls were both very keen to do the Jedi training. Hubby noticed that kids with signs seemed to get picked so he made both the girls a sign to hold up. The first show it worked ... Big Girl got picked and had a ball. The Boy was a little upset not to be up there but I explained that it's important to let other kids who haven't had a go get picked and he soon settled down and enjoyed the show.


Little Girl had a meltdown at the first show and refused to put herself forward. She complained she was hungry so we fed her and what a difference. The next show she held up her sign and got picked too. She had to fight Darth Maul.


Space Mountain was now back up and running so we picked up our FASTPASSES and then headed off to DCA. It was empty ... most the rides had very short queues so we changed our plans and did some of the oides that we had in our schedule for the next day. Hubby and the girls went on the Tower of Terror ... lift dropping inside building ... not my idea of fun.


Meanwhile The Boy met Sully.


We also went on the Grizzly River Run. The Boy was all eager to go but once he got strapped in he changed his mind and started to cry. We said it was too late to get off and he'd just have to go through with it ... not sure what the other people sharing our raft were thinking ... soon he was enjoying himself though and we got nice and wet.

We stayed and watched the Pixar parade at DCA. We all enjoyed it much more than the other parade but the camera battery ran out halfway through and before some of the characters came over to say hi to the kids ... you'll just have to take my word on that one.




Day 25 photos HERE.