Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 9 - Las Vegas ... The pool and O

This morning catching the lift back from breakfast there was a man with a lei around his neck drink in hand heading up to his room with a women. She was getting his phone number and said "OK C.J." as she's inputting and he replied "No, P.J." ... classy. She also had a few problems grasping the idea of the plus sign (he was from the UK). They don't call Las Vegas the sin city for nothing ... we sometimes woke up to beer bottles in the hallway ... one man Hubby spoke to got propositioned on the trip while he was with his wife and kids. The kids hardly noticed any of it though, apart from The Boy who wanted to play those games. Big Girl was asking about the slot machines and when I explained she's like "Oh, they're games of chance ... I don't want to play them"

Went to Central Community Church today. It was loud and very busy ... but good. Running three services every Sunday morning they have a pretty impressive turnaround of 20mins between services ... especially considering they're emptying a 3000 seat auditorium and all the parents are picking the kids up from the various kids church programs. Lots of people going everywhere.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the pool. The wave pool:


The family favourite the lazy river. There are a couple of waterfalls ... Big Girl loves them.


The Boy ... not so much. Here he is on Hubby's back avoiding the falling water. It does fall pretty hard.


Hubby trying to deflate the tube more quickly, at least the staff pump them up each day.


We headed off early to Bellagio to see 'O". We needed to pick up our tickets early then we had a look around Bellagio.


That's a chocolate fountain ... dark, milk and white chocolate ... yum.

The conservatory:


Little girl started to get a sore tummy while we were looking around and it didn't get better over tea. I took the other two out to look at the lights while Hubby sat inside with Little Girl.


When we got back Little Girl said she felt better so we all went to the show.


We were right near where the clowns do the pre-show entertainment, we even got a little bit wet. "O" is the Cirque du Soleil show that has a huge pool with a segmented movable floor as the stage.

About three acts into the show Little Girl started crying because her tummy hurt so Hubby had to take her back to our hotel, which was real shame. The other two loved the whole thing but especially the clowns who floated around on an old house. The Boy was laughing out loud through a lot of it.

My favourite acts were Bateau which featured a big metal ship hanging above the pool. The performers use their body weight to get it swinging then perform trapeze stunts while the whole thing is swinging back and forth. The Russian Swing act was also fantastic. There were three teams of divers each with a swing. They launched themselves up into the air doing somersaults and twists into the pool ... lots of fun. The kids and I also thought the man wandering around on fire was pretty impressive as well. So glad we booked these tickets ... apart from the fact the Hubby and Little Girl missed out.

After the show I took Little Girl and The Boy out to the front of the hotel to see the fountains. Every fifteen minutes there is a show of water, music and light.


The place was packed but the kids were pretty good at staying with me. After the fountains the line for a taxi was huge but we finally got one and headed home. I was glad we weren't travelling north on the Boulevard because it was a parking lot.

Day 9 photos HERE.


Mousey said...

Poor Little Girl and Daddy missing out on some of the show! I hope her tummy is feeling better now :)

I'm loving your blog updates Mel. Missing your chatter around the place though!

Keep having a fabulous time and taking all those lovely pics :)

tamara said...

Your blog is a great read. I love it.