Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 8 - Death Valley to Las Vegas

We got up early this morning to try to beat the heat - 116 degrees forecast. We drove out towards badwater which covers a few of the main Death Valley sites. A turn off down a rough dirt track took us to the Devil's Golf Course. Round formations of salt and dirt cover a large expanse in this area of the valley.

Continuing on we reached the lowest point in the western hemisphere, Badwater, at an elevation of 86m below sea level. There was a sign on the cliff above showing sea level.

On the drive back we detoured through Artist's Drive which gives a closeup look at the coloured cliffs and canyons.


The kids got most excted n Death Valley about the frequent dips in the road ... we don't need to bring them all this way, we just need to find a road cose to home with some good dips ... that will keep them amused for hours.


Near Beatty in Nevada is the ghost town of Rhyolite. There are still the ruins of about 10 buildings standing. The rail depot was still in quite good condition although we couldn't see any rail tracks.


It was stinking hot there so after a trip to the ranger back in Furnace Creek to get the kids ranger badges we checked out of the Inn and hit the road for Vegas.

We drove into Las Vegas through the Red Canyon area and had our first few drops of rain. The kids were quite excited by their first American rain but we hardly needed the windscreen wipers. The kids hit the pool straight away, they'd been asking almost everyday when they'd be able to go to the pool. The Boy was too short for the wave pool but the girls had a go. Little Girl just made the cutoff so each day we had to get her a wristband to show she had been measured. There was also a lazy river pool where you could float around on tubes in a current. That was a hit with everyone.

They had a concert on in the pool area of our hotel which was directly below our room so the planned early night did not happen.


As a bonus they had fireworks ... sorry about the camera shake. I had managed to drop off to sleep and when I realised it was fireworks that woke me, I wasn't quite up to grabbing the tripod.


Day 8 photos HERE.

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