Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 6 - Yosemite

I put my name down yesterday for a photo walk but I was last on the waiting list. They said just turn up and see what happens, sometimes people don't come because they decide to sleep in. I turned up and there were heaps more people waiting than the fifteen they advertised as the limit but when the guide came she said she was happy to take everyone that was there. We walked from the Ansell Adams gallery round through Cook's Meadow.



While I was on my walk the kids and Hubby walked to the bridge for a view of Vernal Falls.


Then they did the junior ranger program at Happy Isles. This time it was all about animals. Did you know that aphids coat themselves in a sticky substance that the ants love to eat. The ants herd them into a bunch and each the sticky stuff but also chase off any ladybirds that come to eat them. They also learnt that acorns are a part of the diet of many park animals, including the deer, squirrels and bears. In this game the had to be animals collecting food.


After my photo walk I had a little bit of time to kill before I had to meet the others so I walked up to the base Vernal Falls. It was quite steep ... a lot of steps at the end but one of the better falls at this time of year. Most of the waterfalls dry up by August because they are fed by snow melt.


I met up with Hubby and the kids at shuttle stop 16 and we went to The Ahwahnee for lunch.


The Boy had a section in his junior rangers book he wanted to complete on the Indians so on the way back to the Lodge we stopped to look at the Indian display at the visitor centre.


Then a swim in the river, a different beach this time, Cathedral which is near El Capitan.



While we were there a ranger came down to the beach to warn us that bears often come down to that spot and try to scare people away from their food. Hubby was had the video ... said he would be too busy doing the running away video to yell "GO AWAY BEAR!" like you're supposed to ... the bears did not come visiting so I don't have any entertaining video for you.

Drove then to Bridalveil Falls which had a wisp of water still flowing.


Finally we watched the sunset over the valley from tunnel view.


The kids loved the wildlife at Yosemite ... I mean we saw hundreds of squirrels and yet they still squealed squirrel when they saw one. They are pretty cute ... and the deer, especially the fawns are gorgeous. Lots of birds too, like this one at lunch.


Did you know the Stellar Jay is actually black but looks blue due to the way the light diffracts of its feathers? ... a little something the kids learned at the ranger program. I'm all for this kind of wildlife but I'm not such a fan of this ...


... bugs in the bath. Every time we wanted a bath or shower we had to get rid of the bugs. I'll be glad to say goodbye to them and hope we don't have any at Death Valley.

Day 6 photos HERE.

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Mels, sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We are missing you at N4D :)