Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 5 - Yosemite

Woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready for some time in the great outdoors. The Boy went off with Hubby to get some milk for breakfast and came bursting back in through the door ... "I SAW 2 DEER!!" ... he was very excited. The girls ate breakfast at the table outside and soon had a little visitor of their own:


It also ventured inside for a look around. Later in the day I almost locked it in our room when we were going out, lucky the kids saw it and started yelling at me.

The kids were keen to get stuck into some junior ranger programs but we had a mountain of washing to do so Hubby went to the laundry and I took the kids out to Happy Isles Nature Centre.

The program this morning was all about water. We were the only family there so we got a private program. Firstly we learned all about the water cycle and how much water is used to make various products we use in everyday life. Next the kids made a watershed (water catchment) in the sand, using whatever was on hand. When they were finished the ranger poured water in to see how it drained through to the sea.


Next we went for a wade in the Merced river to see what insects we could find. There were a lot of water striders and we also saw some little fish.


We had crossed wires and missed meeting up with Hubby but finally caught up after we'd finished lunch. The room looked like a laundry with clothes draped over every available surface to dry. This is one of the fawns that was outside our room after lunch.


Afternoon was time for a walk and swim ... we found this sandy beach during our wandering near swinging bridge.


The kids did some building ...


and I took some photos.


On our walk the kids picked up rubbish to earn their special Junior Ranger patches. It's amazing, in a bad way, how much rubbish is lying around once you start looking.


Maybe they think if they don't slow down for the people crossing, maybe they'll slow down for the bears.


Half Dome from Sentinel bridge:


We went back at sunset.


I only had one photo from day 4 so you can see day 4 and 5 photos HERE

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A-M said...

Wow .. Mel what wonderful experiences and sights you are having. Great memories for you all.
Thanks for sharing your travels with us all.