Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 4 - San Francisco to Yosemite

We picked up the car today. Our first destination was the crookedest street.


Then we headed out to the burbs to do some shopping. Picked up a pair of runners for me for under $50. Hubby and The Boy also got runners and the girls got a couple of pairs of shorts. Then it was off to Yosemite ... the scenic route. Hubby didn't have the address for our accommodation so we went 120 instead of 140 ... but it turned out well. 140 was closed until 5pm and we went through after that but apparently there were big delays on 120 and people were stopped in the tunnels for 45mins. They had some problems with a controlled burn that was not so controlled.

We got to see where the rock slide buried 140 ... they've set up a couple of bridges and a short section of road on the opposite side of the river. It's all one way so you can have to wait up to 15mins for the traffic lights, luckily we got there with some of the time already gone.

Finally got to the Lodge in time for tea and bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel and family ! Great to see you having a good time away ! DOn't forget to think of us - just occasionally ;)

Till next time - have fun !
Oh, excellent photos, too :)


tamara said...

Oh what fun you are all having. Your blog is such a great read and I am sure in time you will look back really fondly at what you have written as it is written in the here and now.

Have fun.