Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 2 - San Francisco ... Father's Day and Alcatraz

This morning was Father's Day in Australia so the kids brought their presents for Hubby over with them. Handmade cards, a World's Best Dad trophy (we're hoping that makes it back in the case in one piece) and some leftover plane snacks.



After church we were entertained by a guy swearing at his wallet then caught a long tram ride back through the financial district, Union Square and along the waterfront.

We lined up nice and early for our ferry to Alcatraz and scored a prime seat on the top deck. Here we are ...


... that's better.


The fog was rolling in giving us a classic San Francisco view of the Golden Gate.


Included in the tour price for Alcatraz is an audio tour. We lined up to get our headsets in the shower room


The audio tour was excellent and featured former prisoners and guards. Big Girl said it was scary. Inside there are three levels of cells. These were the favoured cells because they got some sunshine in the afternoon.


I don't think the doors still lock ... oh well.



The view of Alcatraz from the boat. We didn't leave anyone behind.


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Ruby said hello we are at noosa and we saw 9 turkeys we are going to the beach today we are having fun