Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 19 - Seaworld

Today we went to seaworld. Our first stop was the seals. The kids got a tray of fish to feed them.



Then we visited the sharks and a couple of other aquariums that were in the vicinty of the sea lion show. The sea lion show was our first show of the day. The seals acted out various sketches based on TV shows including survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and CSI:


Check out the cute otter as well.

A quick dash and we were waiting for the Shamu show to begin. We were seated to the left at the back of the soak zone. The show was very spectacular, the whales are so powerful and when they land water goes everywhere.


Towards the end of the show the whales do a couple of circles of the pool deliberately sending out huge splashes of water and drenching the crowd. We missed out on any splashes, our whale only got to about row 10 but we were sitting about row 14 ... splash zone extends to row 16. They reserved the best splashing for the middle section of seats.

We followed the show with lunch then the shipwreck rapids ride ... we were no longer dry ... the girls and I probably copped the worst of the soaking. We dripped past the turtles to watch the Sesame St 4D film. Little Girl was concerned with getting the seats wet ... she needn't have been ... we got sprayed with more water during the film. A preshooler in the seats behind us freaked out.


We made 0ur way back down to the gates via the penguins ...


and the arctic experience ... which included a simulated arctic helicopter ride with the obligatory storm ... I was feeling a little queasy afterwards but not too bad. They had beluga whales and polar bears in this exhibit.

Big Girl had been eyeing off the Atlantis ride all day so we headed down there next. All the kids decided they were going to go on it ... of course I needed to stay on the ground and take some photos ... it had nothing to do with my fear of heights and general loathing of rides with big drops.



As we headed back for our second Shamu show Hubby said we really must sit towards the front and centre. We figured we were already wet anyway so we agreed. The view was much better and we did get soaked ... with 11 degree water. It's amazing how much water comes down in those splashes. Big Girl hid under a towel.



A quick run around the kids play area:


Then a couple more rides on the shipwreck rapids ... we hopped on and when we finished there was only two people waiting so we were able to stay on the ride for a second turn. The Girls wanted to ride again but The Boy was shivering and it was 5:50pm so I said no, it's home time.


Day 19 photos HERE.

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