Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 17 - Sunrise Grand Canyon ... Sunset the Pacific Ocean

Had a big plan to take sunrise photos from the same place I took last night's sunset photos but a herd of elk across the path stopped that. Found a nice point not far from there and watched the changing colours. Sunrise put on a better show than sunset.


The elks seemed to follow us around.


As soon as the sun was up we dropped off the keys and headed off for San Diego. It's a long drive ... 548 miles.

We stopped for brunch in Kingman. The old route 66 use to run through here. We found a good place for the yummiest milkshakes. They made good waffles and pancakes too ... and had a deft hand with the whipped cream. Typical booths and counter setup.



The drive through the desert is pretty boring ... a tip though ... trucks are not made to land on their roofs. We saw a truck trailer overturned ... it was flat packed. Oh and we also saw a burnt out truck as well.

Got into our room just in time for sunset. We are right on the beach at Pacific Beach.


Day 17 photos HERE.

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