Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 18 - San Diego Zoo

San Diego started and finished the day with cloud ... I'm glad I took advantage of the gorgeous sunset yesterday. For the rest of the day it was warm and sunny. We went to the zoo. Big Girl is a fan of all things reptilian so first stop was the reptile house.


While in the vicinty we also visited the children's area and the insect house.



Next we took the bus tour ... highly recommended to get an overview and see some of the animals without having to walk everywhere ... sit on the right ... we did and it gave the best viewing.



Then we grabbed a quick lunch and boarded the skyfari which takes you from one end of the zoo to the other and was included in our ticket. Dropped us off near the polar bears and we walked back to the pandas. We were just in time to see a panda in a tree do a poo ... did you know it looked just like bits of bamboo ... I can't imagine that's very comfortable. That was about the only action happening there.


We then went to the elephant experience which looks at some species that used to live in california and are now extinct. It includes life size replicas of the animals as well as real animals that are related to the now extinct animals.



Picked up the shuttle bus and rode around to the rhino trail where the girls got up close and personal with one.


Then followed the tiger trail towards the exit and headed home. Feet sore ... it's a big place. It was time for some rest and relaxation at the pool.


Day 18 photos HERE.

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