Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 15 - Monument Valley

We woke up and drove the 30mins to Monument Valley to make it before sunrise. We were supposed to be having a sunrise tour but there was a mix up and no one showed. We rang them and Leroy came and picked us up and we chatted to him until our guide Louise came. We did take some sunrise from The Visitor Centre's balcony which has a pretty terrific view.


We decided just to take the 2.5 hour express tour in the morning and follow it up with a sunset tour of Mystery Valley. It was a bit nippy so we didn't go in the open jeeps. I'll let the photos do the talking.




The kids were pretty restless and every time we stopped they would get out and go running around a bit silly.


We also saw petroglyphs dating back to 800-1200AD.


The kids eating "The Pancakes"


John Ford was the director of a lot of western movies and he used to sit in his directors chair at what is now known as John Ford point. The kids got to have their photo taken sitting on a horse.


We went back to Kayenta and got some lunch, had a rest and the kids had a swim. Hubby needed a sleep because he got up at 3:30AM this morning to listen to the 'Pies get thrashed in the semifinal. After checking out two cows walking through the car park of Burger King we headed back to Monument Valley.

This time we had a tour of Mystery Valley. The landscape in this is not unlike the Olga's. There were lots of arches and petroglyphs as well as ruins. All the petroglyphs and ruins date back to between 800 and 1100 AD.




We arrived back at The View just in time for sunset photos.


We stayed there for tea. As we were walking back to the car we passed the area where people were watching a John Wayne movie projected onto the hotel wall.

The Boy: "The wall's making a movie ... it must be a magic wall"

Big Girl: "It goes through the projector" ... sigh.

Photos day 15 HERE

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