Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 14 - Bryce Canyon to Monument Valley

Today we drove from Bryce Canon to Kayenta ... about 30 mins from Monument Valley. That's all, but I do have one photo of Navajo Mountain, taken on the road today. Bryce canyon has such good visibility that we could see it from there, in fact visibility can approach 200 miles ... yesterday we could see First and Second Mesas on the hopi reservation. Anyway this is the other side of Navajo Mountain.


Tonight at tea we asked the kids what has been the best part of the trip so far. Their answers were pretty indicative of their interests.

Big Girl "Seeing the snake in Zion"

Little Girl "The chocolate sundae at Ben and Jerry's"

The Boy "No good thing, I want to go home."

Hubby had just told The Boy he couldn't have the straw in his drink but when I said he could take it back to bed with him tonight he perked up.

The Boy "The best thing was the plane."

Then they wanted to know what my best thing was and I had to say "O" or Yosemite.

Hubby: "Walking down the Navajo trail at Bryce Canyon ... but not walking back up."

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