Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 12 - Zion National Park

The kids wanted to do the same walk we did yesterday and there was a bit of grumbling when we said we were doing the riverside walk ... until they saw the river and the rocks. They took it in turn to be the leader rock hopping. It wasn't long before The Boy's shoes were soaked through.


We saw a mule deer across the river.


A little further down the path we saw a buck.


As you move further into the canyon water weeps out of the walls in some areas forming beautiful hanging gardens.



With many detours we finally made it to the end of the trail. You could continue, but from there required walking in the river.


We took a lot less time to get back to the shuttle but we did see a snake on the way back which made Big Girl very happy.


We hopped aboard the shuttle and rode to the next stop ... Big Bend which has good views of some of the major landmarks. There was a climber on one of the cliffs.


This is what he was climbing, the arrow shows where he is.


We had planned to walk to weeping rock but the trail was closed because of a rock fall so we headed back towards the front gate. At the visitor centre we took a short trail to a higher point. I captured my favourite view of Zion.


The view from across the street from the front of our hotel:


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