Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 10 - Las Vegas ... M&M World, The Strip

Going down to breakfast this morning we were waiting for the lift and there was a couple with a stroller with a mesh cover. Hubby and I presumed there was a baby in there until it barked. We weren't quite sure were to look. Meanwhile they were baby talking the dog to be quiet.

After breakfast we went for a walk down our end of the strip. Checked out some of the casinos. Inside the pyramid at Luxor.


The lion enclosure at MGM:


New York New York:


Then M&M World. Four storeys of M&M merchandise and chocolates. The kids loved it.


I loved all the pop culture references, especially the movie posters.


We saw the 3D film "I lost my M in Las Vegas"


Right next door is the coca-cola store. Hubby and I taste tested coca-cola products from around the world. For the record, if I go to Italy, I will not be drinking Beverly.


Big Girl fell in love with the coca-cola polar bears ... but we cleaned out their rooms before we left and I told her we didn't need any more cr... ahem ... cute fluffy things cluttering up the room. So as a consolation I told her to pick up one, give it a cuddle and I'd take her photo. Little Girl got into the act too.


Walking back we saw an Elvis impersonator:


In the afternoon the kids had their last play in the pools, then watched some TV ... there's one in the bathroom ... for some reason it had the Disney channel but not the one in the main room. Hubby managed to get some tickets for Little Girl and himself to Mystere a Cirque du Soleil production at Treasure Island so we decided to have an early tea at the Hard Rock Cafe then they go from there. The Hard Rock Cafe on the strip has only just opened for business so when we got in the taxi the driver started driving to the old hard rock, we said "No, no the one on the strip" but we were already stuck in a huge traffic jam ... 20 mins later we got dropped off on a corner up the street.

Inside we got an extremely friendy waiter ... in fact after Hubby left with Little Girl he kept coming over and sitting in the booth for a chat.



After dinner the two kids and I had a browse at the memorabilia around the walls. The Boy was in heaven with all the guitars. Downstairs in the shop he got himself a little guitar keychain. It is now his new best friend ... replacing the straw that he's been taking everywhere including bed the last few days. He also put on a little air guitar display outside the shop.


We walked back getting some photos of the lights.





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Sarah Collens said...

Hi Melissa

I have just finished reading all your blog entries on your holiday so far and it sounds like you guys are having an amazing time! Your photo's are stunning :)

Take care, look forward to seeing you when you get back

Sare xo