Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 1 - To San Francisco

I don't think my sister will volunteer to drive us to the airport again, unless of course she's in need of an adrenaline rush. I thought we had plenty of time but with a few last minute jobs that popped up we left home with 45 mins to get to the airport and of course there was traffic on the freeway. We got the scenic tour through sis' old neighbourhood ... the kids enjoyed the speed bumps, but we made it. Apologies to sis for the stress.

Big Girl had to check with the check-in lady if we would be allowed on the plane, while I was rummaging around in my case for our return ticket, apparently US customs are sticklers for that, they don't want undesirables like us overstaying our welcome. Finally made it to the gate with 15 mins to spare.

Our flight to Sydney went well until just before landing when The Boy uttered those dreaded words - "I feel sick". He proceeded to fill the sick bag while we were taxiing to the terminal. The poor girl next to us looked like she would have preferred to be anywhere else but sitting there ... I wouldn't have minded being somewhere else myself.

Anyway we ditch the bag and luckily I armed myself with another one because 15 mins later I find myself kneeling on the shuttle bus waiting room floor holding the sick bag for The Boy and explaining to Hubby who was calling from the US that I really couldn't talk right now and no the happy dance was not happening.

Luckily little sis had provided us with four invitations to the one place in the airport that makes everything better ... the Qantas club. The kids even got a free lesson in pecking order. Big Girl asked the lady if this was the right lounge ... the answer: "Oh, yes, they wouldn't let you in the first class lounge with THESE tickets" ... not to mention that I had just asked if they had any sick bags. There's nothing like nice big, clean toilets, a selection of food and drink and comfy couches to lounge around in to pass a few hours. The kids played a couple of games and The Boy felt much better.


After all this I was a little apprehensive about our next flight but it went well. No one was sick, the kids all had about 5 hours sleep and they loved the entertainment system. We had four middle seats so we put up the armrests so the kids could lie across the seats. I found out that time goes very lowly when you're sitting up in a seat with kids lying all over you just wishing you could get a little it of sleep. Finally got maybe an hours sleep after my third travelcalm and I didn't get sick landing which was a bonus.

Hubby met us at the airport and we had a quick stop at our hotel before hitting the streets. San Francisco was pretty busy this weekend because it it a long weekend. First up was a ride on the cable car. We began at the Powell and Mason turntable. You can see the driver turning it around so it can go back up the line.


We rode to the cable car museum. This is where you can see the cables that run under the road. The cable cars grip them and are pulled along.


The Boy was really enthralled by all the machinery.


Chinatown was just down the hill so we went for a wander. We saw fortune cookies being made ...


the girls got distracted by all the bright cuteness along Grant Ave ...


and a lovely lady took our photo in Waverley Pl.


You may remember Ross Alley from the movies Karate Kid III or Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ... or not.


We finished the afternoon with a browse through City Lights bookshop, a plate of pasta in North Beach then it was all downhill to our hotel. I'm loving the San Francisco houses ... just like you see on TV.


You can see all day 1 photos HERE.


Claire Jones said...

Gee Melissa, your photos are great! Fantastic. You all seem to be having a brilliant time excluding the "I feel sick" interruption! Good on you! Have a ball!

Anonymous said...

You are right Big Sis will probably not offer to drive you to the airport again, after all that rage I spent the rest of Saturday in bed!!!
Sounds like your having a great time look forward to reading more of your travels....

Anonymous said...

Hi Stebbins family sounds like you are having a great time,next is our favorite destination hope you enjoy it as much as we did. weather is great at noosa

Rose City Reader said...

I love looking at your SF pictures! It makes me homesick because I lived there for five years. I think I bought hair thingies and cell phone fobs at that same Chinatown shop!