Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WorldVision 40 Hour Famine

Last Friday Big Girl came home from school with the news that years 4-6 were going to participate in the WorldVision 40 hour famine. She then followed up with the suggestion that she give up piano practice for 40 hours ... of course The Boy chimed in with the suggestion that he give up sitting at the table. What followed was a fairly laboured conversation about why we need to give up something that is hard. Big Girl was still not convinced but I invoked my executive decision making power to decide on a technology fast.

In the interests of family harmony and leading by example I am also participating ... yes that's right ... no computer for me. So for 40 hours starting on Friday at 8PM the kids and I will have no DS, computer, TV, iPod, mobile phone or radio.

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TotallyD said...

wow 40 hours without a computer...would be darn hard for me lol

Good luck

tamara said...

Great idea to give something else up rather than food. Have fun