Monday, August 24, 2009

While we were 40hr famining ...

we reorganised the girls room. It was pretty out of control.

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We needed to get it back into order before we go away because we have house sitters coming. I coaxed a little enthusiasm by suggesting we move the furniture ... which of course requires that everything by taken off it ... a perfect opportunity to cull the clutter.

We started at 9AM and by 10:30 Big Girl announced that she was bored of this, unfortunately by this stage everything was in a huge pile in the middle of the floor.

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To be honest I was struggling with the whole exercise as well, but I managed to talk Big Girl around and she kept on going. Both girls were really great with getting rid of toys that they'd grown out of, we dropped 2 boxes to the salvos and a bag of rubbish to the dumpster. As the day wore on a smaller percentage went into the "to keep" pile as the girls realised that everything they kept needed to be put away somewhere neatly.

They were pretty pleased when we were all finished at 3:30PM although Big Girl was a bit put out that night when she couldn't see Little Girl in bed.

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So I kept them busy ... and myself and we easily made the 40 hours with no TV, DS, iPod and computer. Hubby and I decided we'll probably have a tech free Staurday once a month.

While the kids and I were busy Hubby made himself useful removing some out of control flora in our bedroom.

Picture 002edit

Yes, it's a plant growing up through a gap in the floorboards next to our bed.

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