Thursday, August 13, 2009

Royal Melbourne Zoo Excursion

On Wednesday I went with The Boy's class to the zoo. Luckily there were plenty of parent helpers so I only had to keep my eye on two boys ... that was enough.

Each of the boys had an animal they needed to look at. My Boy had gorillas he learnt they are vegetarian and build nests to sleep in.


A very cheeky gorilla:


Next my other charge had to check out the elephants ... they were rolling logs.


Then it was time for the educational segment ... the mum's went for coffee. Followed by lunch and a long explore of the rest of the zoo. I really need a tape recorder that I can play most used phrases on ... "Come back here" ... "Don't jump in the mud" ... "Stay with me" ... "Stay together" ... "Don't bang on the glass" ... "Stay out of the garden"

Anyway we had a long time in the butterfly house.


The Boy was disappointed that the butterflies didn't land on him ... umm, you need to keep still.


The meerkats are cute.


We had just a little bit of time left at the end of the day to visit the reptile house.


Me? I was very, very tired ... still getting over it.

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gabs said...

wow - your pics are amazing!