Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five #5

Check out this little man, he sleeps down the road from us. I snapped him on my walk this morning.



This week was Book Week. Every year at the girls school they get to dress up as a character from a book.

Picture 018edit

Big Girl went as Jenna from Magyk. Little Girl was Princess Lily from The Princess and the Unicorn. They take the book and have a parade at assembly.

The Boys school had a whole week of scheduled activities. Apparently he won the treasure hunt on Thursday but he was wondering where his prize was.

You can check out some more book week blogging at Squigglemum.


A book I'd like to check out ... combining photography and inspiring stories, what could be better?


Love in Action documents the difference made to the people involved in the Manly-Manado partnership.

Love in Action is a story of hope: how one ordinary neighbourhood in the corner of the world - Manly, in Sydney, Australia - formed a relationship with the people of Manado, Indonesia, to take action against poverty. From its small beginnings with only a handful of residents, this grassroots movement has captured the imagination of Manly's wider community. It now includes support of local council, local businesses, schools and churches, and over 13,000 residents.

From the partnership website:

Manly-Manado is a Christian-led Community Partnership between Manly in Sydney, Australia and Manado on the Island of Sulawesi, East Indonesia.

Manly-Manado exists to help transform lives out of the mutual poverty that exists within both communities. It empowers people to personally take action against poverty using their passions and talents and tangibly affect someone in a specific community.

While a community like Manly is materially wealthy many in the community still have unmet spiritual, emotional, social and relational needs. The project seeks to transform both communities.


I went on excursion with Big girl's class to the Dali exhibition at the NGV. They always run fantastic programs and this was no exception. We started with a fascinating lecture, followed by a walk around the exhibition. The girls then went upstairs to do their own Dali inspired artwork in a workshop. As my Big Girl reminded me it was a once in a lifetime experience and included 200 works by the artist.

img260809 004edit


Lastly something from Little Girl, love the colours and detail ... sorry about the bad photography.


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SquiggleMum said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the link! We loved book week in our house and hope you did too :) I'll have to check out the "Love In Action" book... looks amazing!