Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five #4

Photography has again taken a back seat this week as I try to get the house tidied up and our trip planned. I did take some in the vege patch.



The vege patch got some loving this week, I weeded, it was pretty overgrown, and planted some more mixed lettuces and some bokchoy. The broad beans and snow peas are flowering so it won't be long now. I also hit the Diggers site to order some summer vegetable seeds. They have the best range of heirloom veges. I made sure I ordered some Lazy Housewife beans.


Came across this set of textures on flickr by Dubtastic. Free to use on any of your projects. Here I layered it over the photo above and used the soft light blending mode. I also reduced the saturation in the original photo, which gives it a lovely vintage feel.



My favourite bolognese recipe at the moment is Oven-baked Bolognese. Fantastic rich sauce, pretty easy but cooks for 2hrs in the oven. You need to make sure you have plenty of time. We had it Wednesday and I didn't get home from school pick-up until 4:30. Even though I started straight away I didn't get it in the oven until after 5 ... we ate late that night. Hubby wondered if I had my cooking mojo back ... if I did it was gone after Big girl left all the sauce in her bowl then hid under her quilt and refused to come out when it was dished up the next night as well. Seriously, what kid doesn't like spaghetti bolognese? We won't even talk about the fact that she has eaten it hundreds of times before.


I finally got my hair cut today so it must be time again for a self-portrait, because let's face it, my hair's not going to look this good until I get it cut again.


Notice how I considerately saved you from having to look at the large version.


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I love your photos! and looks great!