Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Five #3

This week's photo is from the Butterfly House at The Royal Melbourne Zoo



"We are in orbit around God and his purposes, not the other way around" - NT Wright

I've had the book Justification on my shelf for a while now and finally started reading it this week.


I bought a dress today ... that brings me up to a grand total of three.

I'm not a big fan of clothes shopping ... marginally beats supermarket shopping except that it usually takes longer. One thing I've noticed is that everytime I go shopping at Esprit I seem to fit in smaller sizes. I'd love to say that I'm getting smaller ... but I don't think that's the case. If things keep going this way pretty soon normal size people ... you know like me ... will be shopping in the kids shop.

While I was there I also picked up a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a jumper ... if I'm going to go I may as well make it worth my while.


It's All About the Waves: (credits)



and my favourite little story this week comes from Little Girl who asked me for a "toothbrush suitcase" when she was packing for her sleepover last night. Took me a few seconds to register what she said then work out exactly what she was talking about. I have a feeling the toothbrush suitcase will have a long life round our house.


Liz said...

Love the butterfly photo ad your new dress.

Ellie said...

Stunning photo! Love your LO too! I like the dress!

Jacinda said...

I wish I could find a nice dress like that. Everything around here is either spaghetti straps or cut too low. I'm going to check out ESPRIT next time I'm in town.