Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Five #2

5 good things from this week.

A photo:

Little Girl playing the chocolate game at our mother/daughter lunch last Sunday. If there's one girl who could eat that whole block of chocolate in record time without ill effects it would be her ... she can eat.

I tried a new dish this week, Chicken and Dumplings. Really, really good for a cold winter's night. I had to tell the kids to cease and desist from any complaints until I had finished eating ... no point ruining a good meal.

Chicken with Dumplings

I went to this terms Kidschurch elective with Little Girl. Great teaching on the fruit of the spirit.


Of course being Kids church there were actions ... definitely need to make sure you go in comfy clothes and shoes. Little Girl is really keen to go back next term. During free worship the kids were invited to draw or write something if they wanted and they kept these to put up around the room. Finally prised Sara out at 8:45PM ... she's a little tired today.

While I'm doing the housework ... which as most would know is pretty mind-numbing ... I usually listen to podcasts to make the time go a little bit faster. I've caught up on all the sermons I've missed from our church and have been listening to the Citylife podcasts. This week I listened to part 3 of the Fit for Life series which was an excellent talk on reading the bible. Well explained basics of bible reading including taking into account literary and historical context, cultural relevance and timeless principles. You can also access the sermon notes.

Finally some digi scrapping goodness. I love fonts but never really go browsing much. A great resource is Misty Cato's blog. Every Tuesday she has Typeface Tuesday where she links up to some great fonts. This Tuesday it was Cartoon time ... lots of fun. I downloaded Cookies and Heartbreaker.


wendy said...

Beatiful picture of youre daughter!
and that food looks delicious!!

IvoryKeys said...

Great update! I bet your daughter enjoyed the quality time you spent this week together.