Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Boy Talks Dogs and Beados

The Boy is an endless source of conversational entertainment. He always has a unique take on things and is full of information and questions. The other day going to school he asked the question "Do you know what a puppy is?" I thought he asked "Do you know where the puppy is?" so I responded with a no. He obviously decided I needed a lesson in dogs. "A puppy is a baby dog. Puppies are very cute. A medium dog is a puppy-dog"

Phew glad he could clear that up for me. Of course that wasn't the end of the conversation.

The Boy: "What's Harry's (that's our dog) middle name?"
Me: "Harry doesn't have a middle name"
The Boy: "His middle name should be Furry. That's a good name for a dog because dog's are covered with fur ... Harry Furry Stebbins."

This afternoon he asked to play with the Beados. I said as long as he didn't make a mess. He replied "Beados don't make a mess. It says that on the ad" Well if they say it on the ad I guess it must be true ... right?

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Sharyn said...

Beanos? Not heard of this before but the photo is intriguing.

savvymamma said...

my 6yo daughter loves beados too! she has made dozens of cute characters with these beads that join with a bit of water. Pretty clever concept...