Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday is THE BEST day

Happy Birthday to Hubby today ... he scored a shirt before he ate his breakfast.

Then church, we are in the middle of a five part sermon series at the moment ... created, sustained, broken, salvaged, destined. Today was salvaged ... Alan preached and was spot on as usual ... yep, we're salvaged ... podcast should be up later in the week. Stayed around for a chat after which was good because last week I felt so bad we left straigtht after the service.

Afterwards we went to the Pancake Parlour for lunch to celebrate Hubby's birthday. The Boy was hanging out the whole time for the train to do it's thing. We had a bit of fun in front of the curved mirror while we waited for Hubby to pay.

Home and Hubby did this ...


Now it wasn't my idea ... I think manual work makes men feel manly?? Anyway it was all his idea. I helped by taking some photos ...


Harry halped by lying in the way.


The Boy helped by grinding the back steps.


The girls made some kind of concoctions.


Oh, I also did some ironing ... school uniforms. After that we went and saw BIL for afternoon tea. Then Hubby suggested we get Evan Almighty to watch with the kids ... inspired by the sermon this morning. The kids loved it. The Boy went off when the flood came through ... Little Girl was covering her eyes scared ... The Boy was jumping up, cheering ... it's floating !!! Of course we had to do the dance at the end ... OK mainly just The Boy and I ... Big Girl joined in for a minute.

Then run down to the supermarket to grab Hubby's requested pasta and finally the Masterchef finale.

Good, good, good.

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cmarois said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Sounds like a good day for all!