Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Over the Flu

My poor blog has been rather neglected this month due to the holidays and also a dose of the flu ... probably swine considering I had the flu vaccine this year. Not last weekend but the weekend before we were checking the forecast for the snow and decided that Tuesday looked like the pick of the week for our planned day trip. My brother was up at the snow for the whole holidays so when we said we were planning to go up for the day he kindly offered to let us stay at his place for the night which meant we got two days of skiing. It was quite good of him considering he has 5 kids of his own and adding in the five of us meant a very full house.

Monday afternoon I started to feel a bit unwell and by the night I had a high fever and bad cough. Tuesday morning was a 4:30AM wake up so we could get up to Mt Buller in time to get the kids into ski school for the day. So I dragged myself out of bed and dosed up on codral for the day. You would think a near fainting episode getting the lift tickets would have put me off but I pulled myself together took a couple more codrals and after a short rest we hit the slopes. The cold air was agony on my throat and my voice was very croaky but the snow and weather were so good that I just couldn't pass up on one skiing opportunity for this year. Judge for yourself ... the conditions were beautiful.


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Tuesday was really busy because they had a half price day for tertiary students. Little Girl was a bit hard to settle in her ski class even though we put her in with Big Girl but by the end of the second day they were both pretty pleased with themselves because they were both moved to the next level. Big Girl proudly informed us that she won the groups impromptu race and Little Girl came fourth. Little Girl excelled when the group went off trail through the trees ... her smaller size became an advantage then rather than an hindrance.

I was a bit disappointed that the instructors didn't move The Boy out onto the lifts ... his been skiing blue runs for a couple years now but they were so busy they just couldn't give the kids the attention that they probably should have.

As for me ... I left Hubby in the dust ... hahaha ... but by Wednesday night I was paying the price and spent Thursday, Friday and a large part of Saturday in bed sick. Sunday I managed to drag myself out of bed and make it to church but was left straight after the service and I spent a few more hours in bed.

The Boy's behaviour has not improved with being up with his cousins at the snow and then basically doing whatever he wanted while I lay in bed. He has made himself a prosthetic arm ... he calls it his light sabre. He has previously been in trouble at school for playing pretend gun games so I had a chat with him before he started back this term. If he doesn't play gun, sword or light sabre games at school he can have his light sabre when he's at home. In other words his not allowed to mock kill or maim his school mates but members of the family are fair game. So Monday night he made the most of it. Starts off by surveying the bathroom ...


He looks so innocent except for that thing on his arm ... but wait it's time to guard the door.


You can see some of the explanation for The Boy in the background. Yes that is Hubby controlling nemo.


First day back at school went well ... today not so well.

I'm still a bit under the weather but gradually improving. I even did a layout today.


It is for the current challenge on Donna's blog. You can pick up the minikit for free to use in the challenge and one entrant will win a $5 voucher to her shop. You should pop over and check it out.


TotallyD said...

The flu is everywhere...still got a nasty cough...hope you feel better

JanMary said...

Great ski pics - hope you feel better soon :)

Zin from the Alps said...

What characters you are surrounded with! I bet life is not dull for you! :)

wendy said...

I'll hope you feel better soon.
and what a great pictures you've made!!

Lena said...

Those are great photos...but the flu is the pits! Feel better!

love to create said...

hope you feel better soon. wonderful photos.

have a nice day

tamara said...

I am hope you get over the flu quickly.