Saturday, July 25, 2009

Boys will be boys ...

Walking back from a party today The Boy says "I got a boys lolly bag ... all boys stuff. WHAT!!! A butterfly ... there's a butterfly on the back of my smarties packet ... I hate butterflies. But I love to whack people with balloons." ... and with a swish and a swoosh he runs off up the street slicing the air with his balloon sword.

He doesn't get far though because soon his sword starts to deflate. "Oh I must of squeezed too hard, see ... see ... see me squeeze it" Yes a ballon slowly deflating as it is squeezed is oh so interesting ... interesting enough to occupy him until we arrive home.

I just love this boy of mine.


You know you're a scrapbooking mum when you hear the words "We've made a big mess" and you run to get the camera, LOL.


Priscilla said...

LOL! Love that picture and your You know you are scrap mom reason, SO TRUE!

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Hehe. Love the camera comment. So true.


dawn said...

Hi Mel :) Oh yes, you know you're a scrapping Mum when you reach for the camera before the face cloth LOL Hope your w/e's a fab one :)

tamara said...

Oh I love your blog today. Yes definity are a scrapping mum when you get your camera. Me I have to make sure my handbag has my camera and diary, for journalling in.