Friday, June 12, 2009

Who on Earth ...

would think it is a good idea to put prep boys in white skivvies?


And a closer look.


Needless to say the napisan gets a daily workout round here. Luckily they seem to clean up alright after a night soaking.

I went out for tea last night for little sis's birthday. We went to the bar @ The Press Club. Awesomely yummy greek food but as usual my brother ordered heaps and we ended up walking out feeling a little ill from over indulgence. Highly recommended ... the bar ... not overeating.

Jessica Sprague is running a free course again this year. I did her Telling Stories course last year and it was excellent. I'm thinking I'll probably sign up for this year's Photo Editing.

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Katie said...

Your school and our Cub Scout Pack must be run by the same MEN.