Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick kids

The Boy has vomited 5 times already this morning. Luckily Hubby works only 2 kms from home so he dropped home to take the girls to school. Later he picked up Hayley from school ... yes she only made it through about a hour of school before she was complaining of a sore stomach. Not sure yet whether it is an actual sore stomach or brought on by rehearsals for her play that is next week. She's currently sitting at the table eating an apple so I'm suspecting the latter.

On the other hand The Boy is definitely sick and now worn out from the constant vomiting.


I'm not too good with looking after sick kids, I tend to be a sympathetic vomiter so I usually just run in, thrust the bucket under their mouth and then flee before I start joining in. I usually take a few deep breaths then head back to give some sympathetic pats on the back before taking off again.


Sharyn said...

Awww- he looks so worn out. I am with you, one of the patting brigade. Though I can stay there I want them to learn how to cope too. So a little love and a little space helps everyone out. :)

Debbie said...

Poor fellow :( And I can definitely sympathise with you. Although over time, and having had to cope with it with 4 kids, I think I could nearly cope with it without vomiting. Last time I had to cope with it was when Sean had the microsurgery on his finger after slicing it with a knife and wasn't handling coming out of the anaesthetic too well. He has to look after himself now LOL!

Kelleigh said...

Oh no! I had to chuckle a little, though. Thankfully I'm not a sympathetic vomitter, but I know a few!